5 cool things you can do in Switzerland

5 cool things you can do in Switzerland

Five unique reasons to visit Switzerland

Switzerland is a beautiful country with extraordinary people and cultures. It is also a fiercely independent country with many things to offer. Small villages of extreme beauty are accompanied by populous and technological cities in a nation that can count on breathtaking views and warm and hospitable people who care a lot about their territory and its origins. Switzerland is also an excellent stop on a trip to Europe and it is home to seven national parks and is the gateway to nearly 100km of hiking trails in the Alps.

Switzerland's natural beauty makes it easy to stay active, both indoor and outdoor, as the country is home to a wide range of activities that can help you stay fit and healthy. From world-class ski resorts to national parks and lakes, you'll never run out of things to do. The different seasons can offer a range of complete activities all year round, but one thing is certain: if you love being amid nature, Switzerland is for you.

From early summer to late autumn, Swiss cities are graced with lush green expanses that are great for hiking, running, cycling, and swimming. During the winter season, you can stay indoors and take advantage of the luxurious spas in the heart of the mountains, with spectacular views of the Alps, or have fun in the most famous ski resorts in Europe.

Unlike other nations in the world, Switzerland has always followed a healthy lifestyle in harmony with nature, therefore it is not surprising that the Swiss are in first place in the world for life expectancy (almost 82 years), according to the latest data from the World Health Organization.

If you are looking for a country full of activities to do in the open air (and not only), a travel destination that treasures a unique gastronomy culture rich in century-old traditions, and a place that offers enchanting nature views and experiences, here are some tips for 5 very cool things you can do only in Switzerland.


Discover the Matterhorn Ice Palace

The Matterhorn, with its pyramid-like top, is the mountain with the most recognizable shape in the world, standing proudly among the Swiss Alps with its 4,478 meters of height. This magnificent mountain is famous among the most ambitious mountaineers; in fact, to get to its top is a very demanding climb, recommended only for the most experienced climbers.

In front of the Matterhorn, in the broad ice field between the Klein Matterhorn and the Breithorn, at an altitude of 3883 meters, you can find the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, a fabulous natural ice palace that extends into the vast glacial surface between the peaks of Piccolo Cervino and Breithorn.

The atmosphere inside the Glacier Palace is anything but glacial; its evocative lighting and music soundscape will make you relax, while among romantic illuminations and works of art carved in ice you can discover a magical world that will leave you speechless.

CERN Switzerland cool things to do

Visit CERN, the most famous laboratory in the world for the study of particle physics

CERN is a transnational body funded by all European member countries, essentially meaning that its structure and the hiring of its workers are funded by several nations, including Switzerland. CERN is to all intents and purposes a public service, meaning that among the crucial points of its office there is also the communication of their exploration to the general public. The opportunity to visit CERN is offered to all those who show up at its doors, and the visit is free.

Founded in 1954 in Geneva, CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire – European Council for Nuclear Research) has as its main objective the study of particle physics, the constituents of the universe, by using some of the largest and most complex scientific instruments in the world.

As a matter of fact, the program of this international laboratory is much broader, with studies and research ranging from nuclear physics to scientific dissemination. Whether you are a science expert or just curious, CERN promises to offer a unique experience, with the possibility of booking immersive tours among the famous particle accelerators. With more than 120,000 visitors a year, CERN organizes guided tours of the LHC (the particle accelerator) and offers the possibility of visiting the structure without a guide.

Cannabis Switzerland Giger museum

Sci-fi Movie fan? Visit the quirky HR Giger Museum

Not many people know that the special effects of the 1979 Oscar winner movie "Alien", directed by Ridley Scott, were created by a famous Swiss artist, Hans Rudolf Giger, also known as H.R. Giger, who won the Oscar for special effects in 1980 for his collaboration. The style of this artist is very famous all over the world for being one of a kind; his creations seem the fruit of an alien civilization, certainly, his slightly ghostly and macabre style will not leave you indifferent.

At the sumptuous St. Germain Castle in the center of the medieval city of Gruyères, you can visit the unique HR Giger Museum, which hosts the largest existing collection of his paintings, sculptures, furniture, and film sets. The ancient setting of the medieval castle combined with the impressive works of artists makes this place a unique attraction. In the same castle, you will find the bar in the style of the famous artist, with its biomechanical atmosphere and medieval structures that make it a uniquely charming, and fun place to visit.

cannabis Switzerland alpine spa

Treat yourself to the luxurious experience of an outdoor Spa in the Alps

The Alps are home to several Spas so amazing that they alone are worth the trip. We have selected the best two that are worth visiting. We have no affiliation with these Spas, we just love them very much and we cannot stop suggesting all our friends treat themselves with the luxurious experience they offer to their guests.

Kulm Hotel St. Moritz
The Spa at the Kulm Hotel in St. Moritz is a classic Spa inspired by the jaw-dropping nature surrounding the sumptuous resort. In addition to an indoor pool with underwater music and spectacular windows, the Spa has an outdoor saltwater pool in a cave, Turkish baths, Kneipp paths, saunas, and a private Gym Suite with a mud bath, double whirlpool, bio sauna, and water mattresses.

Backstage Hotel & Vernissage
This boutique hotel in Zermatt is the result of an architectural work by star architect Heinz Julen. The services the hotel offers are many, including its very famous Spa, famous for its relaxing paths, steam baths, plays of light, and unique spa services, such as the bed of heated pearls, or the tropical lavender bath at the sauna, where images from space captured by a telescope are projected. This Spa also offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in saltwater, in a super-technological pool where you can listen to music even underwater. In the same building, you will find 6 cube-lofts, rooms with mountain views, a library, a cinema, an art gallery, and the Vernissage Club, a concert venue.

ma true cannabis flowers Switzerland

Freely smoke and enjoy the best CBD cannabis in the world

Yes! Among nature, architectural works, art installations, and luxury Spas, Switzerland is also famous for being one of the few states to have regulated cannabis light, better known as CBD cannabis.

Switzerland decriminalized the possession of cannabis for adults in 2012, liberalizing the sale and consumption of cannabis with less than 1% THC by making the substance part of the tobacco product family (although cannabis is not addictive as the nicotine contained in tobacco).

In fact, Switzerland has legalized the sale and consumption thanks to clear regulations, becoming the only state (within the European borders) to have regulated the sale and use of cannabis flowers with low THC content, clarifying with an amendment that the country allows to smoke, own, and sell CBD cannabis according to the regulations in force. In doing so, Switzerland has managed to give birth to a thriving and legal market that deals with top-quality flowers with a high CBD content, managing to commercialize the most fragrant and tasty inflorescences, not found in the rest of Europe because they are not present in the European catalog.

In Switzerland you can finally be free to enjoy the best CBD cannabis, rolling high-quality cannabis flowers in a cigarette, or buying the purest CBD oils with the finest CBD cannabis extracts.

If you are traveling to Switzerland and want to try some cannabis, know that in Switzerland you can also order CBD cannabis online and have it shipped directly to the hotel or the house you rented. We recommend that you try MA True Cannabis's famous CBD Pre-rolls which, in addition to being made with high-quality CBD cannabis, do not contain tobacco or nicotine, since our quality cannabis is mixed with medicinal organic herbs. How cool is that?

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