CBD gifts under the Christmas tree

CBD gifts under the Christmas tree


Why CBD cannabis makes a great Christmas gift

Choosing the perfect Christmas gift is never easy and can be an overwhelming task, especially if you want to surprise your gift recipient. Getting gifts for children is very simple, as they usually spend a big deal of time telling you exactly what they want, when they don't write the classic long Christmas letter to Santa Claus describing in detail the gifts they crave, sometimes adding an endless list of options to choose from. If only it were that simple, even in the adult world.

It happens to almost everybody to choose gifts blindly at the last minute in order not to show up at friends and family empty-handed on Christmas day, only to make the wrong size, color, or perfume fragrance. We discover that friends and relatives have different interests and often unknown tastes at the last minute. There is a solution: if we want to gift them a moment of serenity, why not choose a gift that can bring them well-being in everyday life?

Cannabis is a plant that has been the protagonist of a cultural revolution in recent years, moving from prohibition to everyday use, thanks to the discovery of the benefits of CBD. CBD (Cannabidiol) is the non-psychoactive molecule of the cannabis plant, mainly studied and used for its therapeutic properties, which relieves chronic pain and helps reduce anxiety and inflammation.

From Vogue to the Wall Street Journal, many newspapers and magazines have started to take an interest in CBD cannabis. A topic that, until not so long ago, would have been "edgy" or even "niche." But the new cannabis and CBD users are the most varied, from mothers to business leaders, from war veterans to boomers; new users are embracing natural remedies to take care of their body for well-being and health. Unlike 20 years ago, smoking a joint, using CBD oil, or buying a cannabis product has become less controversial than drinking a glass of Merlot.

Who to gift CBD cannabis to for Christmas

Many people smoke cannabis regularly, and just as many have never smoked or taken CBD in their life. CBD cannabis in our nation (Switzerland) is entirely legal and tolerated, and more and more people are intrigued by its effects. We tried to simplify and summarize the typologies of people we all know into 3 categories to help you better define the perfect gift:

The Sportsman

Their life revolves around sport, whether it is theoretical or practical. They are a very competitive person who cares a lot about health and physical appearance, love to take care of their body and to do physical exercise, sometimes pushing themself to the limit, burning out a lot of energy, but often with a short recovery time before the next session of physical activity.

The ideal gift: CBD oil. CBD oils are often used by people who play sports because they help reduce physical stress, reduce inflammation and pain, and treat sport-related pain injuries. CBD oil is a cannabis extract, and MA True Cannabis only uses the most refined CBD oils, obtained with a broad spectrum extraction that retains the full range of naturally occurring compounds from the cannabis plant, with the exclusion of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).
MA True Cannabis CBD oils are entirely natural, extracted only from CBD cannabis flowers, and enriched with essential oils that enhance and emphasize the beneficial properties of CBD. On top of that, MA True Cannabis CBD oils are made with MTC oil MCT oil, a supplement made from medium-chain triglycerides, the "good fat" usually found in coconut and coconut oil. MCT molecules are smaller than the molecules typically found in other edible fats, making them easier to digest and faster in terms of bloodstream absorption and effectiveness, which is why MTC oil is widely used in healthy nutrition and sports practice.

The workaholic person

Work is a mission. Between emails, phone calls, and messages, they never leave the phone for fear of missing some critical update. The workaholic type types never slow down, and when they decide to do it, they never fully get to a complete state of relaxation. This happens because if we do not learn to take small breaks from our daily responsibilities, we live in a condition constantly altered by stress, leading us to forget the small pleasures of life.

The ideal gift: CBD Pre-Rolls. People who don't have time to waste (or never learned how to roll a cigarette) will find the MA True Cannabis pre-rolled CBD joint feature interesting. Our pre-rolled CBD joints are ready-to-use, made with quality cannabis with a high CBD content mixed with medicinal herbs that enhance its flavor and properties, and with absolutely no use of tobacco. MA True Pre-Rolls bring the body to an immediate sensation of muscle relaxation. This condition helps the mind and body to regenerate and is excellent for those people who need to disconnect.

The insomniac

The commitments in a person's life can be many, sometimes even too many to handle. Some people hold up a fast pace more than others, and often when they get home in the evening, they feel exhausted from fatigue, so exhausted that they cannot sleep! Paradoxical, yet it happens. It has happened to everyone to find yourself in bed, after a long day finally, and not be able to turn off their heads, with a flurry of problems, worries, and deadlines that chase each another in mind, while all you want is to switch it off and get and a good night of restoring sleep. This is a widespread and very annoying problem in our stressful society.

The ideal gift: CBD herbal tea. CBD-based herbal teas are an ancient and prevalent remedy used way back in ancient China. Suitable for those who don't like to smoke, these hot CBD infusions drunk in the evening before going to sleep help start a relaxation process throughout the body, preparing the body and the mind for a regenerating rest. We are about to launch a new line of MA True Cannabis CBD herbal teas, and you won't be able to get one before this Christmas. However, we bet you will still need that end-of-the-day relaxation routine even at the beginning of the new year, so stay tuned for our forthcoming announcement about CBD herbal teas infusions availability.

Which CBD products to choose as Christmas gifts

There are various CBD cannabis plants with unique looks and effects. Each variety of the plant is a genetic variation that gives the flower a distinctive aroma, effects, and appearance. Cannabis growers have developed thousands of different cannabis strains over the years, summarized in four macro-varieties, Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis, and Hybrid.
The main differences among the varieties are defined by their different stem heights, the growing season, the intermodal length, the size of the leaves, the different shape and texture of the flowers, and their content of THC / CBD (tetrahydrocannabinol/cannabidiol).

Hybrid strains are currently the most common varieties, as cannabis growers keep creating new strains by developing unique and balanced characteristics from the primary Indica and Sativa strains. The products to choose from are varied, with a wide range of CBD cannabis inflorescence used mainly by those who smoke or have smoked cannabis. There are pre-rolled joints even without tobacco for those who can't roll a joint, while for those who prefer not to smoke, there are more solutions available to access the benefits of CBD, from CBD oils to CBD herbal teas are used as cannabis-based infusions.

Each product approaches different intake needs. While CBD cannabis flowers and pre-rolled CBD cannabis joints get smoked, edible and assimilable products such as CBD oils and CBD herbal teas are absorbed through the cheek and sublingual mucous membranes. The cannabis market has evolved to create CBD products for people who prefer not to smoke.

How to choose a good CBD product

There are several essential aspects to keep in mind and evaluate before buying a CBD-based product. Whether you are looking for good quality CBD oils or CBD flowers, here are some key points we suggest taking into consideration:

Factor # 1: Lab analysis
A CBD company should provide laboratory reports on their website to prove the legitimacy and quality of their CBD products, as this has become the industry standard. Such laboratory analysis should come from third-party testing facilities, which means that the information contained within them is entirely impartial and objective. Lab reports analyze everything from the purity level of cannabis to the chemical compounds it contains.

Factor # 2: Positive reviews
It is wise to look for positive reviews on the CBD product you intend to purchase before reaching your wallet. This way, you will know how different customers rate the quality of the product, especially after purchasing it. Look for reviews both on the company's website and elsewhere around the web.

Factor # 3: Brand transparency
Many CBD cannabis brands are not transparent in indicating their CBD products' precise function, which can create confusion among their customers. Our advice is to choose CBD products that explicitly and directly state their function and usage.

Factor # 4: Correct dosage
The correct dosage of any CBD product is essential for its beneficial effect. How many milligrams of CBD extract in the product formula directly determines how much CBD and other plant compounds you take per serving. Everyone's ideal milligram strength is unique since body weight and the desired effect are essential in the dosage. For the dosage of CBD oils, you can find a CBD dosage calculator on the MA True website, which will help you understand what the correct dose of our CBD oils may be according to your body weight and the effect you desire to achieve.

Factor # 5: Type of CBD extract
There are three types of cannabis extracts: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. The full spectrum extract contains the full range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids found in the cannabis plant. Broad-spectrum is a THC-free alternative that contains CBD and a limited amount of other minor cannabinoids. CBD isolate is an extraction of just CBD, isolated from other hemp compounds present in the plant.

Factor # 6: Clean formula
As for pretty much any other product nowadays, featuring a list of ingredients on the product label is essential, as there are several CBD oil formulas. It is always good to ensure that the ingredients other than CBD present in the product are up to your standards and safe to consume.

Factor # 7: Taste or not taste
Some CBD oils are flavored while others are not. Full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD oils generally taste like hemp, so unflavored doesn't always mean flavorless.

Factor # 8: Where it was produced
Companies offering CBD products should demonstrate openness to information about where and how their CBD cannabis plants are grown and where and how the CBD oil is extracted.
The main aspects to consider are the extraction process, a complete ingredient list, the geographical area where the CBD cannabis has been grown, where the product has been assembled and packaged.

Factor # 9: Legal manufacturing
The method of cannabis production can vary the quality of the final CBD product. Each state has its laws for the cultivation, production, and certification of CBD products. It's always a good idea to choose to buy products from states where clear and complete laws regulate the cultivation and sale of CBD cannabis.

Factor # 10: Brand reputation
The most famous and acclaimed CBD cannabis brands are always ready to answer questions and recommend the most suitable CBD products. They are always transparent in the information given to their consumers. Often a CBD cannabis product with a meager price may have an equally low quality of CBD flowers or oils to offer or a non-existent customer service. It's always good to prefer CBD brands that have a reasonable price for the product they sell.

Factor # 11: Extraction process
The extraction process is essential to consider before buying any CBD oil product. The type of extraction process used to obtain the CBD oil from the plant will largely determine the safety and efficacy of the product. Although cannabidiol in its natural form is safe and effective, a flawed extraction process could expose it to some dangerous substances. Several extraction procedures can be used to obtain CBD oil from the cannabis plant, and it is worth taking the time to understand the peculiarities of each. This could mean spending some time on research. It is highly recommended to use a product manufactured using the CO2 or ethanol extraction process because CBD oils extracted using this technique are the best ones in terms of purity.

Factor # 12: Carrier liquid
Some low-quality CBD oils mix the extracted CBD oil with a simple EVO olive oil, while a higher quality level can be found in CBD oils that use hemp oil as a vector to be mixed with the extraction. The CBD oils produced by MA True are of an even higher quality class, as we use a medium-chain triglyceride (MTC) oil as a carrier. MTC oil is extracted from coconut, contains only medium-chain triglycerides (no heavy fats), and is widely used in nutrition and sports as it helps accelerate metabolism. The acceleration of the metabolism in the intake of CBD oil results in a more immediate and complete effect compared to the ones obtained when using other lower-quality oils.

Make sure your Christmas present looks good too!

Sure, you should always choose quality over appearance, but when a beautiful look matches top-quality, then you can be sure that your friends will greatly appreciate your present. Check out the iconic packaging of our MA True Cannabis products: we designed a perfect balance between design, aesthetics, and respect for the environment, which has become our brand's icon.
The packaging of our CBD products is made using entirely recyclable materials and guarantees the best conservation of our CBD cannabis flowers, pre-rolled joints, and CBD oils.

MA True Cannabis flowers come in collectible ceramic jars with bamboo lids, inspired by ancient Chinese teacups: a perfect solution that helps conserve the flowers' freshness and scent at the proper humidity while protecting them from sunlight. They surely make a beautiful Christmas gift, especially in the Flower Discovery Pack version, with which you can gift a nice box containing all 4 varieties (we call them Worlds) of our premium CBD cannabis flowers: CREATE, PARTY, RELAX, and SLEEP.

The packaging of our MA True Cannabis pre-rolled joints also makes a beautiful, minimalistic, refined, and eco-friendly gift. Designed to hold 5 joints, each box is a discreet and stylish accessory that you can carry with you wherever you go. Our pre-rolled CBD joints also come in a great version that is also a perfect Christmas gift: the Pre-rolls Discovery Pack, which contains 25 pre-rolled joints: 5 pre-rolled CBD joints per each of our 4 varieties/worlds of CBD flowers mixed with organic officinal herbs, plus 5 additional pre-rolled CBD joints "unmixed", our PURE tribute to the richness of cannabis, for the true lovers of CBD cannabis.

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