Art Basel 2020: Trends, Expectations & Food for Thought

Art Basel 2020: Trends, Expectations & Food for Thought

Switzerland will once again play host to thousands of art lovers as they convene for this year's Art Basel event. Galleries from the host city Basel, along with galleries throughout Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, and Latin America, will showcase art in what is dubbed "the world's largest art fair." Visitors of this event, one that includes both modern and contemporary art, will be able to discover top-of-the-line cultural and artistic offerings.


A Truly Global Affair

Art Basel is a comprehensive, world-class exhibition. Not only does it offer ample space for international artists to showcase their work, it also doesn't have any barriers to the kind of artwork displayed. Everything from sculptures, paintings, prints, installations, mixed media, and much more is welcomed and embraced at the gala. And 2020 will be no different.


Latest in the Art Sphere & Much More! 

Often labelled "the Art World Olympics," Art Basel is the proverbial gift that keeps on giving. Over 300 galleries are expected to flock to the event in 2020 and showcase the trendiest works by over 4,000 artists. Besides emerging wavemakers, art fanatics can expect late-modern masterpieces and classic, compelling pop pieces worthy of a double-take. 

The following stands will be on parade at this year's event:

Galleries- This is the crème of the show. Guests will discover paintings, sculptures, drawings, and much more from talented artists.

Films- Guests are invited to digest and reflect on the role of media in the contemporary art world, a program that spans the entire week.

Edition- Prints & multiples, rare publications, and editioned works make up the bulk of this segment. An insatiable interest in unique publications, which are often a result of collaborations with famous artists, make this segment a must-see for any art aficionado.

Feature- Gallerists are welcomed to curate projects from art legends. Thematic exhibits, solo presentations, and juxtapositions which highlight different artistic approaches, cultures, and generations are featured in this sector.  

Statement- Emerging artists will showcase their solo projects here.

Magazines- Guests are invited to view the many art publications at the collective booth and the single-strand magazine booths.

Parcours- This sector will offer guided tours of the city of Basel available in both English and German. As well, visitors will be entertained through installations and performances, and site-specific projects by emerging talents and established artists.


A Platform for Budding & Established Artists to Sell Their Work

This for-profit art fair presents all the exciting opportunities an established artist would want to showcase, and ultimately sell their work. The 2020 Art Basel will be an essential space for talented artists to grow and build a massive network of collectors.

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