Iconic packaging

As a result of years of research into design and sustainability, MA true cannabis Packaging is made using entirely recyclable materials and guarantees the best conservation of our Cannabis Flowers and Pre-Rolled products. Every product is packaged with the greatest care following the highest standards of hygiene.

Finding a balance between design, aesthetics and respect for the environment, we have created a revolutionary Packaging which has become our brand's icon.

"The details are not the details. They make the design"

- Charles Eames

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MA Switzerland CBD Cannabis Flowers Marco on Cermaic Pot

Our designers had the challenging mission to imagine and create a packaging combining the highest quality standards, eco-friendly materials and the best conservation for our amazing True Cannabis Flowers.

Ceramic and bamboo: history and elegance to preserve Cannabis Flowers

Our collectible ceramic jar with a bamboo lid, inspired by ancient Chinese tea cups, is the perfect vessel for cannabis flowers, conserving their freshness and scents at the right humidity and protecting from sunlight.

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MA Switzerland CBD Cannabis Flowers Marco on PreRolls Pack

The packaging for the MA true cannabis Pre-Rolled products is minimalistic, refined and convenient. Designed to preserve the 5 joints, the box will be your perfect discreet and stylish accessory wherever you go.

Pre-Rolled box: innovative, stylish and secure

The Pre-Rolled box holds 5 joints, positioned vertically within. This position is a homage to the most important aspect of the work carried out by MA true cannabis: the shape of a flower.

Inspired by Chinese traditions and based on the search for a perfect visual balance, our Pre-Rolled Box is made entirely of eco-friendly materials.

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From plants to packaging

Our excellent product is the result of a complex production process, perfectly mastered and closely monitored at each stage. Once they have been picked, our Cannabis Flowers are immediately treated and prepared for packaging with the same attention to detail and quality.

Collaborating with leading Swiss companies in packaging for food and medicinal products, MA true cannabis benefits from their expertise using high technology and hygiene standards: we guarantee quality and conservation, a product that aims to be outstanding.