Could CBD be the key to mindfulness?

Could CBD be the key to mindfulness?

Mindfulness is having a moment – seen by many as a cure for the increasingly noisy world we live in. Let’s take a look at what mindfulness means ­– and how CBD can potentially help people achieve it.


Meditation… mindfulness… what’s the difference?

‘Meditation’ and ‘mindfulness’ are two terms that get used a lot and it can be difficult to work out what the difference is between them.

Ultimately, they both refer to the same thing – the quietening of the mind – but there are subtle differences between the two.

Meditation is a general term that covers various ways of self-regulating the mind and helping you find inner peace.

One of those ways is mindfulness. Like yoga, tantra or breathing it’s a type of meditation.


What does mindfulness mean?

Mindfulness means focusing on the here and now – being present in the moment and acutely aware of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

If you’re drinking a cup of coffee, it means being feeling the warmth of the cup against your hands. Or sensing the aroma and taste as you take that first sip.

If you’re upset or angry, it means allowing those unpleasant thoughts to enter your mind then taking a moment to consider them. This supposedly helps us respond to challenges in a less reactive and more empathetic way.


What are the benefits?

People that practice mindfulness say their happiness, concentration and patience levels go up – and their stress, frustration and sadness die down.


Sounds pretty great to me… but what about CBD?

We’ve talked elsewhere on our blog about there being a lack of hard scientific proof of the benefits CBD. These are early days and it can take years for studies to be performed and academic papers published.

Still, more and more people are using CBD as an aide to practising mindfulness. Here’s why:


CBD can give you more focus

In some types of meditation – like transcendental for example – it’s perfectly fine to feel drowsy. But with mindfulness, it’s a little different because focusing on the moment really matters.

When taken in low doses, CBD can increase alertness and stop the mind wandering off – so you can stay present in the here and now.


CBD casts worries away

Busy lives can mean busy minds, sometimes fraught with doubts and anxieties. But CBD reacts with our endocannabinoid system and triggers our serotonin receptors.

This eases our anxieties and brings balance back to our emotional state. And that’s a much better platform for practising mindfulness.


CBD eases aches and pains

CBD doesn’t just help with the mental side of things – it can help with the physical side too. Maybe you have a sore back from sitting at a desk all day. Or perhaps your yoga routine is leaving your muscles a little sore.

Wherever you’re hurting, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can help take away the pain, so you can keep your focus.


I’m in. Where do I begin?

Heard of Headspace? It’s a mindfulness app that makes meditation really simple and accessible. Give it a try alongside a little hit of MA Relax.

Sit back, relax and see if you can feel closer to the moments that matter.

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