How to cultivate Cannabis legally

How to cultivate Cannabis legally

Essentially, there are three ways to cultivate Cannabis legally and successfully:

  • Indoors (closed spaces without natural light);
  • Greenhouses;
  • Outdoors (in an open field).


In this article we will focus on the indoor cultivation of Cannabis light, which is the method used by MA Switzerland to cultivate its inflorescences that are unique in the world


Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

Often, greenhouse cultivation is confused with actual indoor cultivation. The essential difference between the two methods is the illumination used to cultivate cannabis plants: the light is natural and more irregular in the former case; it is artificial, more constant and planned in the latter case. However, it is important to specify that some greenhouses use a lighting system that combines sunlight with artificial light.

The most used technique in these contexts is the hydroponic one:A method that uses an inert substrate, such as expanded clay, coconut fiber and rock wool, with the purpose of anchoring the roots and retaining the nutrient solution for a short and more prolific period of time.


What are the advantages of indoor Cannabis cultivation?

  • Total control of the environment in which the plants grow. Lighting, temperature, water, nutrients, humidity and CO2 levels can be easily programmed and monitored;
  • Cannabis can be cultivated throughout the year with a constant harvest in times shorter than those normally required for outdoor cultivation;
  • The inflorescences are of higher quality, as, compared to outdoor cultivation, indoor cultivation requires more careful and targeted cultivation care.

Indoor cultivation of legal marijuana: Swiss legislation requirements

In Switzerland, cannabis with a tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content lower than 1% can be consumed legally.

The same parameter is used both for sale and cultivation, even if these activities, at least in Ticino, require a cantonal notification or authorization.

In addition, every grower and trader must be aware of the THC concentration of their marijuana and be able to provide proof thereof.

Retailing must be authorized by the Weapons, Explosives and Private Security Service upon presentation of the appropriate application for authorization. Anyone holding such authorization for the retail sale of cannabis must annually notify the competent authority of the maximum THC content of the marketed products.

Before entering the market, each of these products must be notified to the Federal Office of Health, whose task is to ensure that the product THC content is below 1% and that all legal requirements are complied with.


What varieties of marijuana can be cultivated in Switzerland?

With regard to the legal marijuana varieties that can be cultivated in Switzerland, there are no restrictions for indoor cultivation using artificial light. If outdoor or greenhouse cultivation is used, only the varieties listed in the European catalog may be used, characterized by organoleptic, CBD and THC properties of a significantly lower quality, as well as often by less compact flowers.

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