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Create CBD Flowers Refill


THC: <1.0%

CBD: <15%

Create CBD Flowers Refill

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The easiest way to refill your ceramic jar with CREATE Flowers that stimulates creativity and your capacity to break down boundaries, 100% natural and nicotine-free.


MA CREATE Refill is the best way to refill your ceramic pot. It is designed for those who love to have a fresh and fragrant product at each use but do not want a new ceramic jar each time they want to experience our magnificent Flowers.

Fresh and energizing pine and lemon scent.

Compact CBD Cannabis Flowers with caramel shades.

How to Use

The CREATE Refill contains 3.5 grams of MA CREATE Cannabis Flowers. Open the bag and transfer the content to an existing and clean MA ceramic jar for perfect preservation.

Please note that the Refill bag is non-resealable.

Technical Specifications

Cultivated, processed and packaged in Switzerland. 100% legal. THC <1%. Nicotine-free. Contains 3.5g of Cannabis Flowers.


  • Help your concentration!
  • Increase your creativity!
  • Lower your stress and anxiety levels!

MA CREATE is also available in the Pre-Rolled version: 5 joints ready to be smoked, including a unique blend of CREATE Cannabis Flowers and two official herbs – African Kanna and Mint – carefully selected for their incredible, energizing a stimulating properties.

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