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Party CBD Ready2Roll


THC: <1.0%

CBD: <20%

Party CBD Ready2Roll

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7,5g of PARTY CBD Flowers mixed with our selected officinal herbs: Damiana and Ashwagandha. Free from tobacco and nicotine.


Designed for those who like to roll their own joints, but do not want to miss out on the MA joints experience. It includes our PARTY Flowers, ground to perfection, and the same two officinal herbs that can be found in our PARTY Pre-Rolls: Damiana and Ashwagandha.

Fresh citrus scent, reminiscent of sweet oranges.

Cannabis - Damiana - Ashwagandha

How to Use

7.5g ready to be rolled at any moment. Simply open the package and use the content to roll the perfect joint.

To ensure your Ready2Roll is perfectly preserved, it should be stored in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Technical Specifications

Cultivated, processed, and packaged in Switzerland. 100% legal. THC <1%. Nicotine-free. Contains 7.5g of Cannabis Flowers and Officinal Herbs.


  • Give yourself a feeling of light euphoria!
  • Reduce your anxiety and worry factors!
  • Increase your perceptiveness!

MA PARTY is also available in Cannabis Flowers, kept in a stylish, collectible ceramic jar with a bamboo lid, inspired by ancient Chinese tea cups.

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