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Relax CBD Flowers


THC: <1.0%

CBD: <18%

Relax CBD Flowers

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3.5 grams of exceptional RELAX Flowers rich in CBD to help you find an oasis of calm, 100% natural and nicotine-free.


The color of MA RELAX is reminiscent of intense forest foliage: deep green becoming lighter at the sun kissed flower tips. The Cannabis Flowers are compact and dense at the base, opening at the top almost as if they were trying to reveal a soul in search of freedom. Discover genuine moments of contemplation, regeneration and reflection.

Herbal scent with powerful hints of wild moss.

Bright green CBD Cannabis Flowers with copper tones.

How to Use

Our wonderful ceramic jar contains 3.5 grams of MA RELAX Cannabis Flowers. Enjoy completing the preparation of this product yourself: once you have chopped up the buds, craft the perfect joint and discover their power smoothly and evenly; or enjoy by using a vaping device.

Technical Specifications

Cultivated, processed and packaged in Switzerland. 100% legal. THC <1%. Nicotine-free. Contains 3.5g of Cannabis Flowers.


  • Relax your body and your mind!
  • Stimulate your natural tranquility!
  • Live the moment!

MA RELAX is also available in the Pre-Rolled version: 5 joints ready to be smoked, including a unique blend of RELAX Cannabis Flowers and two officinal herbs – Skullcap and Lavender – carefully selected for their incredible relaxing and soothing properties.

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