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Sleep CBD Pre-Rolled


THC: <1.0%

CBD: <18%

Sleep CBD Pre-Rolled

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5 joints made of SLEEP Cannabis Flowers and two officinal plants: Chamomile and Blue Lotus. A blend with strong calming and sleep-inducing properties.


These joints include a mix of MA SLEEP Cannabis Flowers, Chamomile, and Blue Lotus. Chamomile is celebrated for its centuries-old calming properties. An ancient Egyptian plant, Blue Lotus is known for alleviating anxiety and stress.

Fruity scent with delicate hints of red berries.

Made with 100% natural hemp paper, the joint is compact and has a blue-colored filter.

Cannabis - Blue Lotus - Chamomile

How to Use

5 Pre-Rolled joints, ready to be enjoyed in the most authentic tradition of the cannabis smoker.

To ensure your Pre-Rolled are perfectly conserved, they should be stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

Technical Specifications

Cultivated, processed and packaged in Switzerland. 100% legal. THC <1%. Nicotine-free. Contains 5g of Cannabis Flowers and Officinal Herbs.


  • Give yourself a deeper and regenerating sleep!
  • Take away your stress and your tiredness!
  • Recharge your mind while resting!

MA SLEEP is also available in Cannabis Flowers, kept in a stylish, collectible ceramic jar with a bamboo lid, inspired by ancient Chinese tea cups.

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